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The mission of Save Organic Suppliers (SOS) Earth is to make the entire world organic, again by serving as a resource economically and otherwise, and provide ongoing direct assistance to organic producers in need worldwide to recover from all threats, natural and man-made, toward establishing a sane planetary food system for the benefit of all and our home, planet Earth.

In 2010 the US Organic Industry comprised of only 4% of the total US Food Industry as reported by the Organic Trade Association. Our mission is to make this 100% worldwide as quickly as possible and we need your help!  Please donate and check back often to see how you can help!


... so please visit often as we'll be adding new information and interactive functionalities frequently over the next few weeks. We hope you'll come back to learn more about SOS-Earth's quest to "save the organic suppliers" and how you can support it.

Below is the latest email message from Junko Kajino (filmmaker with Ed M. Koziarski for "Uncanny Terrain") who is currently in Japan helping the organic farmers in and near Fukushima.

Hi Phiya, How are you doing?

We shot "clean-up radiations" from organic farm yesterday with several professors and volunteers. It was extremely hard work and very difficult. There are many "clean-up" projects are going on in fukushima right now.


On Tuesday 4th October, just 5 days before the Polish general election, an alliance of anti GMO activists headed for the Ministry of Agriculture to expose the double standards being exhibited by Polish government Ministers. Both the Agricultural Minister (Sawicki) and the Environmental Minister (Kraszewski) have been claiming that they are calling for an EU wide ban of GM crop planting – but are do nothing to legislate for a secure ban in Poland.